Allegheny Ridge Corporation (ARCorp) is involved in economic development, historic preservation, outdoor recreation, and environmental conservation. ARCorp provides numerous opportunities in economically struggling communities along a 320-mile corridor in Central/Western Pennsylvania by delivering heritage toursim infrastructure through partnerships with public and private sectors.

ARCorp works with many invaluable partners to develop heritage-based recreation, environmental, and quality-of-life infrastructure projects throughout the Allegheny Ridge Heritage Area. Through the development and promotion of various heritage and recreation related amenities, ARCorp projects advance regional tourism.

ARCorp is in a position to educate and inform, to support and assist, to create and generate through partnership with the communities it serves.

In seeking opportunities to work with others to achieve positive outcomes, ARCorp encourages responsibility by allowing people to see themselves as leaders and problem solvers.

ARCorp makes a difference by ensuring that historic resources don't slip through the cracks; that whatever makes a community unique is not demolished, paved over or simply forgotten.

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